My father Vittorio is – if not the first – one among the pioneers of the winemaking consulting career, he begun in the early 70s (right after I was born, 1969!!) that at the time was an unknown occupation.

So, out of necessity, I grew up surrounded by wine, in cellars and vineyards… and I still remember with great pleasure when, as a kid, I was asked – together with my brothers – to taste his “creations”!

For these reasons I attended a school specializing in agricultural and, once finished – sure of its utility for the future – I concentrated in improving my knowledge of English and I have taken many trips abroad, first in neighboring Europe and then Australia and New Zealand… Then, in 1996 I was offered the opportunity of living an exceptional life and work experience inside the world of wine and – together with my wife Lisa – I moved to South Africa, where I have stayed for 5 years.

I have always thought of myself as an extrovert guy, interested in learning and deepen my knowledge of other Countries cultures and because of these characteristics of mine, also following the suggestion of my beloved parents, and seen the experience gained in my many trips, in 2004 I started my activity as Sales Manager for a small group of Wine Estates followed by my father for the enological aspect, concentrating in the abroad markets. Together with my wife I created the Fiore Wine Collection, today Fiore Wines Sas.

Of course since the beginning I had my father’s trust, and soon he entrusted me to follow and expand the business for the Family Estates: Podere Poggio Scalette and Balìa di Zola. And since 2007, my and Lisa personal creations: “Fiore Rosso” IGT Toscana and “Fiore Nero” DOCG Chianti and recently, our DOCG Chianti Classico “Concreto“!

Today the pool we represent is made of small/medium Wine Estates, that have a particular attention to the quality of the produced wines, always well above expectations! These achievements are obtained thanks to the great attention each single estate owner pays to their own wines, reflecting the territory they originate from. Most of the wines are the fruit of native grapes, but international varieties are not missing. The wine production, in the respect of local traditions, is supported by the best available technologies, to always obtain superb products.

Most of the Estates belong to Tuscany, while others are located in Romagna, Umbria, Campania and Puglia. Of course we are in contact with many producers countrywide, as my work frequently demands me of every typology. Wines range from the different DOCs and DOCGs, and are completed by the fabulous IGTs and Supertuscans.