Balìa di Zola
Via Casale 11
47015 Modigliana (FC)

Balìa di Zola, located inside Modigliana municipality, in the Romagna hills, has a surface of 15 hectares, olive groves and vineyards, woods and broom, placed as amphitheatre around an old building of ancient origins. History tells of this Balìa presence already in 1700 as an important agricultural reality residence of the “Balitore“, the person responsable for several holdings management.

Claudio Fiore and Veruska Eluci arrived in Romagna, as a family, in 1999 and the Balìa di Zola project has made its objective the Sangiovese di Romagna improvement. This is Sangiovese land and here this tradition is carried on not by chance.

At Balìa di Zola the job is firstly carried out in the vineyard, fruit of the acquired knowledge and competence, and of the believing that this territory offers all that is needed to create great wines. It all started with 2 hectares vineyard of about 40 years of age. This are now the base upon which we have worked and have provided the new implants grafts.

The producing vineyard is now about 5 hectares and this amphitheatre micro-climate is surely favorable for vine growing; south – south west exposure and a balanced soil do contribute to determine these wines character: elegant, of great structure and intensity.

Particular attention, while realizing the new cellar, has been put in the temperature control during all winemaking phases, as well as during the refining phase, both in barriques and bottle, to better favorite maturation and conservation of our wines, that have all the characteristics to last in time.